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Pay a Penguin Forward

Pay a Penguin Forward

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Just for the sake of being nice you can send another customer a Penguin!


If you order one of these Penguins YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE IT! It’ll be added to someone else’s order, without them knowing! 

So when you’re treating yourself to an Animalgamation, or a pair of mouse testicles and you feel a little guilty for only thinking about yourself - you can now alleviate that guilt by giving the gift of a plastic miniature flightless bird for less than the cost of a cup of coffee!


You’ve ordered 5 in one order? Not a problem, I’ll shove 5 in a random box or bag. They’ll never know it was from you, and maybe they’ll think to return the favour and add one to someone else’s order in the hope of getting you back!

Just a silly idea, but I thought it’s a nice way of developing a little bit of a community!





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