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Nutivity (Rat Scrotum Faces)

Nutivity (Rat Scrotum Faces)

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It's your regular nativity scene, but all their faces are made from rat scrotum. Except for Joseph, as a mark of respect towards him. I reckon Joe has had a hard time finding out his other half is carrying the child of one celestial being as a sort of surrogate for a second celestial creature if undisclosed origin. So Joseph's face is just some old mink skin, he's had a hard enough time as it is.

Mary's mouth is a grouse claw, Baby Jesus's mouth is a baby chickens toe whereas everyone else has a fake tooth.


Only gonna make one set for 2023, may make another next year. I thought about selling them independently but wouldn't make any sense. 


This is what I've been saving my rat scrotums for.

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