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Non Patreon "Donations"

Non Patreon "Donations"

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I've had a couple messages from people that have said they'd like to give me money, but they don't want to sign up to my Patreon and give money each month. So I figured I'd make this listing incase you also feel like them, or maybe you're like the people that think my products are "too cheap" 🤣 which is something I'm shocked by.


So if you feel like giving me a bit of money for whatever reason then thankyou. Genuinely shocked, mate. 


I don't really know what amounts to suggest so I've popped three options. 



Thanks again guys!

 Non Refundable.


A little about my shows:


Search 'WorldAroundEwe's Podcast' to find it wherever you listen to stuff or pop it into Google!

There are two types of episodes, 2-5 minute "Here's Hows" and 30-45 minute episodes more focused on a single topic.


I'd love to know what you think of them too! 


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