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Stacey was the last customer of the day when I set up my Pawtrait stand in the city centre, she was wearing a red flowy dress that looked like she'd spilt something down. 25 minutes into the session she asks if we can take a break - she'd been sat in silence for the whole time which is very unusual for a Pawtrait session. She then took out a multipack of pork pies and ate them all in 2 bites each, most shocking is that she was a petite woman, but she ate those jellied pork pies with the veracity of a hoover sucking up a curtain. Barely 3 minutes passed and a very uncomfortable looking Stacey got back into position and remained silent until I was finished. She looked at the finished Pawtrait and said "you can keep that one for yourself" with a flick of the wrist and a flirty smile. Then she stood up quickly and spun around, making her dress lift slightly before what looked like a tiny little heave of her shoulders and what I presume was a hand to her mouth. Before slowly stumbling off into the crowd that was gathering outside the poundshop.

Stacey never paid for her Pawtrait, so I'm offering it to you.




Each Pawtrait is made from various pieces of skin and come equipped with a magnet so you can pop it on your fridge destroy your computer monitor, the choice is yours!