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Pebble Pals
Pebble Pals
Pebble Pals
Pebble Pals
Pebble Pals

Pebble Pals

Pebble Pals are made with scrap bits of animal I have in a bag, each one will be unique- there may be similarities as there’s only so much you can do with mouse paws, but it’ll be fun either way.

If you’re living in Australia or New Zealand I don’t think these will cross the border so you’ll have to stick with the vegetarian version of Roxidermy.

These are the perfect gift for anyone who’s bad at looking after animals, people who are unsure whether they’re into taxidermy or not, and all of those who support the ‘IStandWithSand’ movement.

So join me and plenty of others worldwide and ‘StandShoulderToShoulderWithBoulders’ together we can stop people abusing rocks. How does it make you feel to know that everyday stone is walked all over, that millions of tonnes of these little guys are separated from their families to be drowned in fish tanks, stuck to walls, piled meters high on top of their friends and even violently thrown across rivers and lakes in a viscous act called ‘Skimming’.

‘Skimming’ is the act of purposely choosing slimmer/ smaller stones against their fatter/weightier counterparts and then launching them across water, water which is cold and often fast flowing. Some of these small stones may never see their families ever again. But it isn’t just physical activities that are hurtful to the mineral community even certain phrases like ‘A Chip Off The Old Block’ is hurtful as it’s inciting harm.

Together we can show solidarity by stopping teaching our children nasty games like ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ - no rock deserves to be attacked by scissors and this just feeds into the nonsense that our rock friends are fragile. We’re teaching children that smothering stones defeats them, maybe if we stop perpetuating phrases such as ‘Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones’ we won’t naturally oppress our jagged brothers and sisters. I’ve never met a rock that’s wanted to hurt anyone, I’ve never seen a boulder use a knife. Yes I’ve seen ‘that film’ where the rock takes that mans arm, but that man had entered that stone without its permission.

We will never stop this oppression, we will never beat the stereotype that all stones are ‘hard’, but we can ensure that some rocks live long lives experiencing love and friendship. We can show them that humans do care. For just £4 we can let them be our Pebble Pals.

No longer will stone just be walked all over! Who are we to decide what happens to rocks, I believe boulders are our friends. So in support of our strongest of companions I support #IStandWithSand and I am proud to Stand #ShoulderToShoulderWithBoulders

Follow me on this adventure to finally free minerals from their oppressive lifestyle, I’m sick of seeing them being worn down. We’re not monsters, and neither are they. They’re Pebble Pals!

I heard if you sell exotic pets now you have to offer a free care plan, with this in mind each Pebble Pal from my Roxidermy line comes with a certificate of authenticity, numbered and named. 

I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing how many names I can come up with based on stones and geology references.

The care plan includes dietary advice, grooming details and an exercise plan.


A Pebble Pal may have mouse limbs, mink, duckling, chick, rabbit fur, rat, fox.... whatever I’ve got knocking about that I think is good to make a little sandy companion.


These rocks are sold to combat the vegetarians buying my Roxidermy and in conjunction with #ShoulderToShoulderWithBoulders and #IStandWithSand no longer will stones be walked all over by man and piled up miles high for our benefit. The World Around Ewe believes rocks should be treated as what they are, they’re our equals, but more than that - they’re our friends.

Comes complete with a care plan, number and name!



Bear in mind that some of these are big rocks so they'll expensive to go post overseas compared to their smaller variety.