Mystery Box from a taxidermist
Mystery Box from a taxidermist

Mystery Box from a taxidermist

Get Involved!!

A Mystery Box with a twist! I want you the buyer of the box (or receiver of the box) to film your reaction and forward the video to me. But you don't have to!

The video will be unedited, and catalogued. As part of an ongoing online art installation I am curating. With your permission I will post the video on my facebook page 'The World Around Ewe' to my followers.

My hope with the installation is to give my art to as many people as possible. There are many factors coming into play - you get to own new things and get the excitement of receiving an unknown gift, and the viewers of the video get to enjoy your reaction.

I don't mind what your reaction is whether you swear, scream or laugh. But it is my intention to make you smile and allow lots of other people to smile with you.

You can remain anonymous or be tagged, you don't have to film yourself if you do not want to but it would be appreciated.

Everybody gets at least one piece of taxidermy!

The rest of the contents will always be varied, they will be of value or exceed the value you pay - to me this is about the experience and capturing and sharing your experience with the masses.

The other contents will be new, old, used, useful, useless... anything at all.

My rules:
There will be nothing deemed dangerous.
There will be nothing illegal contained within the box.
You may not hint or choose anything to be within the box.

I hope you would like to take part in my newest artistic endeavour and for 5 minutes let 'The World Around Ewe' become The World Around YOU!