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The underage girls at the Cabbage & Snail chucked their money together for a deposit so that Mickey could have his Pawtrait done. He came by and to my suprise he wasn't much of a talker, I tried asking about holidays, the weather, and what I've been watching on TV. But then he sneezed and I told him I haven't heard anyone sneeze like that since I was at school. Well his fucking eyes lit up mate, he had loads of questions about school and wanted to know if I "knew any girls". I told him it seemed a bit weird that he would ask, and told him that I didn't. He jumped up spouting "it's not weird, my dad says it's perfectly natural" and to my suprise his beard fell to the floor, looked like it was held on with elastic which had snapped. Turns out Mickey is more of a Micheal and is as fresh faced as a 12 year old. He we t beetroot and ran out the door without paying his final fee and left his Pawtrait so I'm offering it to you.


Mickeys Pawtrait is made from ducklings, chicken beak, rats and turkey foot leather.


It's also magnetic, but might look good on an easle.