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Malcom came by for a Pawtrait of himself and some children he brought with him. After I finished up with the Pawtraits of the children it was his turn, he seemed somewhat anxious from the offset and the somewhat silly facial expressions he instructed the children to do were very unlike his own face which looked very stern in posture, but again there was almost a fear in his eyes. If I didn't know any better I'd say he had somewhere else to be, almost as if he didn't want to be in the room at all. I finished all the Pawtraits but Malcom only paid for the children's Pawtraits, claiming that it was ridiculous that I would charge more for an adult one when clearly the child ones were better. He left with those children, and as I watched his van drive off into the distance I realised that the children had been scribbling what looked like the word "elf" all over my floor and cabinets. If I ever see those children again it'll be too soon! 


Malcom never paid for his Pawtrait, so I'm offering it to you.




Each Pawtrait is made from various pieces of skin and come equipped with a magnet so you can pop it on your fridge destroy your computer monitor, the choice is yours!