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Lynn stopped by my stand outside the paper shop last week and asked for a quick Pawtrait. She took 10 minutes to decide on an angle before we got down to it, as soon as I started my process she started telling me all about how her daughter was trying to run off with a younger man "who's only aspiration is to become a milkman" with a "sizable round". I wish there was a way to illustrate her frustration when she would repeat "sizable round", but if you imagine someone cut infront of you at the speed bank and then you didn't react, but you're later recounting the tale to a friend and your gesturing as your talking - it was that kind of tone. She spent the last few minutes fidgeting after reading something on her phone before standing up, silently. Then she turned away from the paper shop and walked away, ignoring me completely. I hope everything's OK with her.


Lynn never paid for her Pawtrait, so I'm offering it to you.




Each Pawtrait is made from various pieces of skin and come equipped with a magnet so you can pop it on your fridge destroy your computer monitor, the choice is yours!