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Liam had arranged his Pawtrait 6 months ago, which I had told him was unnecessary as I was free for at least 45 of those days, but he was insistent it had to be on this day because it was a pivotal day in the lunar calendar. He arrived dressed very casually for what I had assumed to be a very big event in his year. He asked me my star sign and then spent the hour asking me what I thought about each of the star signs. When I said that I was unsure of Capricorns because I thought it was weird anyone would want to be associated with the goats he seemed very flustered. To be honest, that was an understatement, he stood up and lifted his shirt to expose a tattoo of Baphomet surrounded by what he deemed to be the 12 Seats of Sheep, which were just cartoon sheep expressing different emotions. Don't get me wrong, it was an amazing tattoo, but i just think kicking my wall as he stormed out was an overreaction on his part.

Liam never paid for his Pawtrait, so I'm offering it to you.




Each Pawtrait is made from various pieces of skin and come equipped with a magnet so you can pop it on your fridge destroy your computer monitor, the choice is yours!