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She initially ended up in Liverpool after running away from her parents in 2017, but it wasn't far enough. Her mum sent her uncles after her to bring her home. She had to defeat each of them in different levels of combat, her youngest uncle challenged her to a physical fight, after 28 years learning taekwondo he was confident he could be the one to defeat Kelsey and bring her home to her possessive parents. She battered him, she didn't know taekwondo, but she did keep a rather large pebble in a football sock for protection on the streets whilst she hid.

Her second uncle was a little older, he challenged her to a pokemon card game. He had all the latest cards but he ended up dealing his best cards to his prize pile leaving himself weak to Kelseys "stall" strategy. After subduing her second uncle she was set upon by her last uncle.

He was a secretive man and they'd never met each other, and he wasn't there to stop her or bring her back. He was there to help her, because her mum and dad had also done the same to him. They went on to live quite happily together for a time. They made a real go of it, occasionally attempting to initiate romantic advances towards each other. Luckily he always wore protection and after a few years of near misses he was finally able to escape from his nieces clutches. She was turning into her mother. Now she's alone, but really who's fault is that?


Kelsey is one of my Ball Flickers made from duckling skin, rat skin and a baby chicken beak.