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Janet was lovely, very professional when she booked her Pawtrait. Yet in person Janet seemed naturally mean, I couldn't work out if it was her tone or just that she was oblivious of what she said but everything sounded like it was an insult about everything. To the point of it being genuinely funny. I can't remember the things she was saying, but I really enjoyed my time with Janet, and I don't know if she enjoyed her time at the studio. Honestly I don't know if that woman enjoys anything. I finished her Pawtrait and I had an idea that she would be able to pick a fault with it, but I never thought it would be about the size of the canvas used. She specifically asked for this size so that she could easily send it to her neighbours son, for his fridge. She stormed out of the studio and as I followed her down the corridor to allow her out of the electronically controlled door I could already hear her on her phone telling someone I was chasing her, "but not to worry because he looks like he hasn't ran in years".


Janet never paid for her Pawtrait, so I'm offering it to you.




Each Pawtrait is made from various pieces of skin and come equipped with a magnet so you can pop it on your fridge destroy your computer monitor, the choice is yours!