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Barry always wanted to be a fisherman's wife, but he refuses to become a woman. Its made him a very sad person, leading him to hoard broken drum kits. There was a rumour in his old block of flats that he'd tell everyone he was a "Fisherman's Friend", which he thought was "mint", but when a neighbour asked him if it was true it broke his fantasy world and he ended up moving out. His room was full of fish nets, small bouys and camera equipment.




I've always thought to myself, yeah The Muppets was great, but what if Jim Henson had been introduced to a bag of spice early on in his career. 


Introducing, Ball Flickers - all the fun of the farm with none of the clean up!


Furry, feathery and at times scaly little heads - each attached to a spring for all your ball flicking needs.


As with actual testicles, it's best not to flick them too hard as they are just hollowish sacks of skin, but they're fun, I really like these so I'm gonna make more.