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Abbie is a brilliant singer. Every Thursday she does a bit of illegal busking next to her local industrial estate, but she's always done before 7pm in time for the next episode of her favourite radio show, Troof Seeking. As soon as the show is finished she will write a new song, usually they're about the many forklift drivers she's been watching at the industrial estate. There was a crowdfunder in 2014 to help set up a speed dating night for her to meet a forklift driver, but unfortunately she feigned illness and missed the event. She's hoping to hire a flat bed and host a portable festival so if she feels nervous around the forklift drivers she can easily leave. But her ex girlfriend said in an interview that "Abbie's always had the fantasy of being lifted off a flat bed by a forklift, I wouldn't be suprised if she wore 4 thermal vests to make her self faint on the van". But break ups can be tricky, so I'd take that with a punch of salt.




I've always thought to myself, yeah The Muppets was great, but what if Jim Henson had been introduced to a bag of spice early on in his career. 


Introducing, Ball Flickers - all the fun of the farm with none of the clean up!


Furry, feathery and at times scaly little heads - each attached to a spring for all your ball flicking needs.


As with actual testicles, it's best not to flick them too hard as they are just hollowish sacks of skin, but they're fun, I really like these so I'm gonna make more.