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Personalised Video Message

Personalised Video Message

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Weird init, but I keep getting requests for these, so I thought “fuck it”.


Give us an idea of what you want me to say and I’ll send it to you via email.


I’ll always be clothed, I’m not doing anything weird. Literally just me saying ‘Happy Birthday Tig Biddy Dave, look at this thing I’ve made”


or just me chatting shit for the sake of it for your loved ones.


Email me on the thread of your purchase, if I haven’t answered you within a few days over it feel free to email me again or message me on Instagram to chase me up. Don’t be a dick about it and don’t be asking me to do you one for tomorrow. 

They’ll be somewhere from about 15 seconds to a minute and I may post them to my social media’s.


I’m not doing anything where you want me to be a cunt, by this I mean I’m not gonna bully someone for you. If you pay me to do a video then tell me you want me to say something that seems offensive. Be it racist, sexist or whatever else cuntish behaviour then I won’t do it. I won’t return your money on these either, I also won’t re-record them. I can already see this is going to be an absolute nightmare.


By purchasing this listing you agree that you will not receive a refund on this listing. 

I’m only going to do kind messages, friendly messages. 

I might swear in your video, but I’m guessing you know that if you’re into my gear.