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Naked Neck Duckling

Naked Neck Duckling

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One of the rarest breeds of duck knocking about. In olden times the Scottish people who would arrive in the Americas would capture the local geese and shave their necks down, package them up in cages and ship them back to the UK. They were initially hoping to be able to sell the newly discovered Naked Neck Duck, but instead they ended up introducing Canadian Geese to British waters. Since then no child has ever been able to relax near bodies of water. 

Some argue that this isn't actually why they brought over the Naked Neck Ducklings, some believe it was actually altruistic from the off. That the Emporer of Scotland had lost a child to raging waters of his local Loch and wanted to try and give the gift of peace of mind to his populace, but the Canadian geese became hard to control and started breeding wildly. Then, obsessed with going home they'd leave their young for a few months to go check in with their families once their downing grew back, but by time they returned to Scottish waters their young had bred and they too were then hoping to go show their families the pictures they'd taken of their goslings. Starting the vicious cycle of creating lonely geese, angry at their parents and therefore, mad at the world.



This scarfless duck is made from a duckling, rat head, mouse ears and a rats tail!

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